Isogenoides Drumming Methods

Below you will see our mobile digital stonefly recording unit. 

This recording setup is quite sensitive to ambient sounds and should be placed in a quiet place.
Also choose your AC power source wisely, preferably one without recordable interference.
Recording Equipment:

A. Optimus AMX-4 Amplified Speaker System (4 "C" batteries, 500-12,000Hz frequency).
B. Manilla paper stonefly chamber with clear plastic "overhead transparency" cover.
C. Optimus 33-3013 Omnidirectional "Tie-Clip" Microphones (70-16,000Hz, 1000 Ohms).
D. Portable Wood Sound Chamber (divided for stereo recording of duets) with 1/4" glass cover.
E. Any soft foam and/or cotton to reduce ambient or accidental interference.
F. Radio shack y-adapter (Accepts two 1/8" mono mic plugs and Fits 1/8" stereo mic jack).
G. Remote control input (usually connects head phones but we use speakers (A) in the lab.
H. Sony Portable MiniDisc Recorder MZ-R700.
I.  Radio Shack 6' Stereo 1/8" mini to Stereo 1/8" mini connect cable. Connect this cable to the
    remote control and play back signals through PC sound card Line-In input.  Use sound
    recording and analysis program Ace of Wav to make wav files and analyze signals.
J. AC power adapter connector.  (Input: 120V 60Hz 6W) (Output: DC 3V 500mA).  You will
    need a custom AC power adapter for overseas use.