Macro Photography

Stonefly pigment patterns that otherwise fade over time in alcohol, can be preserved with macro-photography.  Several of the best photographers I have met work as stonefly researchers and have specialized techniques to photograph live specimens. 

These photos were taken with an Olympus research microscope at the University of North Texas.  Dr. James Kennedy has graciously allowed me access to his labs in the ESSAT.  The series is of a freshly preserved (Khales soln) male Isogenoides nymph from Iowa.

Isogenoides doratus. - male dorsal abdomen, cerci, epiproct, and last 3 abdominal segments
I. doratus. - male dorsal abdomen, entire abdomen
I. doratus. - male dorsal head
I. doratus. - male pronotum
I. doratus. - male mesonotum
I. doratus. - male dorsal thorax
I. doratus. - male dorsal abdomen, anterior segments

Recently my good friend Dan Pickard sent me some great outdoor pics of Pteronarcys adults.  The site was up on the North Umpqua River in Oregon.  He took these on his way to NABS.  Dan is a Freshwater Invertebrate Taxonomist at CSU - Chico, CA.

Pteronarcys sp. 01
Pteronarcys sp. 02