Biology 1130  Environmental Science

Kenneth Banks, Ph.D.
Office: EESAT 325B
Phone: 565-2463


Syllabus for Fall 2007

NOTICE:   Those of you have made arrangements with me to take a makeup exam because of an officially accepted reason can take the exam any time this week during normal business hours at the Environmental Science main office.   Ask for Candy King, tell them you need to take a makeup exam for Biol 1130.002, and tell them which exam you need (1 through 4). 
They will provide an area to take the exam.  Be sure to allocate at least 1 hour, and remember the exam is essay.   The questions at the end of the chapters are good study guides.   If you do not take the makeup by Friday of this week, you will receive a zero, no questions asked.  The Environmental Science main office is on the second floor of the EESAT Building, to your left as you come up the main stairs

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