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Many Dates are Broad Approximations

Dates Anglo Saxon History Arts and Literature Politics Science 
100 Tacitus writes Germania

149    149Lucius Apuleius, The Golden Ass

117 Hadrian becomes Roman Emperor

161 Marcus Aurelius becomes the Roman Emperor

132 Zhang Heng develops the first seismograph

139    139 Ptolemy is born in Egypt

200 Migration Period begins 250 Heliodorus of Emesa, Egyptian Tales

200 Japanese warrior empress, Jingu, invades Korea

221 Han dynasty ends in China

222 Alexander Severus becomes Emperor and ends persecution of Christians

285 Diocletian moves the capitol of the Roman empire to Byzantium

Mica is used to make windows in China
300 Earliest runic inscriptions in Denmark

375 Ermenrichus king of the Goths dies. He is the basis for Jormunrek of the Volsungasaga

341 Ulfilas translates the Bible into Gothic

325 Constantine calls a ecumenical council at Nicea.  Nicean Creed is formulated.

Mayans begin their Classical period

Chinese begin to drink tea, probably learned from Tibetan practice
400 Huns battle Burgundians

449 Angles, Saxons, and Jutes migrate to Britain

453 Attila the Hun dies possibly at the hands of his new wife, the Germanic Ildico, the name a form of “Hild”. Attila is the basis for the fictional Atli of the Volsungasaga.

455 St. Patrick, Confessions

406 Vandals take most of Gaul

410 Alric takes Rome

475 Theodoric the Great succeeds to the throne of the Ostrogoths

432 St. Patrick begins converting the Irish to Christianity

425 Flavius Vegetius, a pioneer of vetenary science, writes a book on mules
500 Migration Period ends

550 Jordanes writes History of the Goths

550 Danes raid Frisia

597 St. Augustine begins conversion of Anglo-Saxons

531 St. Sophia is rebuilt in Constantinople

550 Mayans build the city of Tikal

By this time, the Japanese have coalesced into one nation and culture

552 Buddhism is introduced into Japan

568 The city of Venice is founded

576 Hindu mathematicians begin to use a number system with place notations and the symbol zero
600 Sutton Hoo Ship Burial 691 Caliph Abd-el-Malkik builds the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

610 Mohammad sees a vision in which the angel Gabriel tells him he is the messenger of Allah

683 Empress Wu reigns in China

673  “Greek Fire” a mixture of naphtha, quicklime, sulphur, and pitch is used  in defense of Constantinople
700 Vendel Ship Burial

Frank's casket made in Anglo-Saxon England depicting Weland (Volund) the Smith on one panel and the archer Aegili on another.

Eggjum rune stone in Sogn Norway created. Its diction foreshadowing skaldic poetry.

Beowulf thought to have been composed. It contains references to the Volsung legend, the Brisingmen, and Weland / Wayland (Volund) the smith.

715 Willibrord leads first Christian mission to Scandinavia. His attempt to convert the Danes is unsuccessful.

789 Norwegians Vikings attack Portland England, the first attack on England

793 Vikings raid Lindisfarne

731 Bede, Ecclesiastical History

748 First printed newspaper appears in China

770 Waldere composed. Contains reference to Wayland (Volund).

778 The Song of Roland, attributed to Turpin, Archbishop of Rheims


711 Moors invade Spain

737 Charles Martel takes Avignon from the Saracens

785 Charlemagne subdues the Saxons


790 Haroun al Rashid increases his patronage of the science, particularly medicine, astronomy, chemistry, astrology and alchemy.

800 Earliest Skaldic poetry

826 Danish King Harald Klak converted to Christianity. He is baptized at Mainz and is accompanied by Anskar on his return to Denmark.

839 Swedish Vikings reach Constantinople

860 Swedish Vikings, the Rus attack Constantinople

866 Danes occupy York

896 Viking army in England breaks up with some members staying in England to live.

817 Li Ho, Poems

845 Abu-Tammam, Diwan


Kyoto is founded

The Khmers of Cambodia begin their rise to prosperity at this time

The Mayan civilization goes into decline

The great migration by canoe and raft into the Polynesian islands of the Pacific probably begins at this time

800 Al-Batriq produces Arabic translations of Galen and Hippocrates

835 First reference to a printed book in China

850 Earliest references to gunpowder in China


900 926 Harald Bluetooth converts Danes to Christianity

975 Exeter Book copied.  The volume contains the poems Widsith, the Wanderer and Deor’s Lament.

915 Regino Prum, World Chronicle

T’ang dynasty ended by a successful peasant revolt.  “Period of the Five Dynasties and the Tend Kingdoms” begins in China

930 Qarmatians sack Mecca and remove the Black Stone.

987 Hugh Capet crowned King of France

996 Otto III crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Gregory

920 Earliest European references to use of collars in the harnesses of horses.
1000 Conversion of Iceland to Christianity

Earliest Swedish runic inscriptions

Leif Erikson winters in Vinland

Runestone in Sweden depicts Sigurd roasting Fafnir's heart.

1000 Sei Shonagon, The Pillow Book




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